Bullying & Harassment

Student bullying or harassment of other student

Bullying is more pervasive and pernicious than ever due to the advent of social networking websites, smartphones, and other technologies allowing information to spread quickly. The effect of bullying in school is devastating to our children, families, schools and our communities. In many instances the consequences of bullying have proven to be dire. 

In response to recent events at Washington schools, the legislature has taken a closer look at school bullying. RCW 28.300.285 and RCW 28.300.2851 impose specific guidelines for handling accusations of bullying and imposes obligations on the schools and school administrators who become aware of bullying.

Students experiencing bullying at school should immediately report the bullying to school personnel. Records need to be kept, both by the school and the family, to properly document the bullying actions. If a school is not taking action to stop the bullying, the family should consider consulting with an attorney.